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Every business has its own unique value statement and the way they bring their products and services to the market place.  With that in mind, Barnett & Associates, LLC develops Strategic Business Solutions that best fit each business with its own distinctive set of needs and objectives.

ProHawk real time video enhancement




ProHawk™ – a new standard in real-time video enhancement!


See what you’re missing…

Our patented products minimize the effects of severe climatic conditions, unfavorable lighting and other environmental difficulties.

The ProHawk™ solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video, high definition video, infrared, thermal and even medical images.

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in office testing




Click Here for In Office Testing For Physicians


Annual Wellness Visits


We provide a full service wellness solution, including scheduling, screening and documentation that allows you to provide wellness visits for all your Medicare patients easily and seamlessly. 





Chronic Care Management


Clinically Proven Solution – Our unique offering is designed to deliver enhanced outcomes to your patients and their caregivers. Also offer turn-key Transitional Care Management services!





Single Use Injection Kits


Our single use injections kits provide the items necessary for various injection procedures.






Stem Cell with Bone Marrow Aspirate – Streamlined

A revolutionary FDA 510 Cleared and approved device that delivers the highest, most pure enriched form of bone marrow aspirate without the need for centrifugation systems.







Hospital Programs



Foundation that turns charity care patients into full paid insurance patients.

Revenue recovery that goes deeper.

Stericycle Over-Billing Recovery.




Pharmacogenomics Testing


A revolutionary way of using your genetic makeup to help predict the medications that will work best for you. 






Allergy & Asthma Testing

allergy testing

We help you diagnose and treat most allergy patients in your office, rather than referring them out to other offices.


Our allergy testing panels focus on food, environmental, and airborne allergens.




Nerve Conduction, Electromyography & Electroencephalogram


Establish baseline values for severity of injuries and nerve damage in your patients. Our physicians also utilize NCV testing to follow up on patient progress and treatment effectiveness.





UltraSound  –  Musculoskeletal, Extremity & Vascular


We provide soft tissue and musculoskeletal extremity ultrasounds including shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, foot, and wrists. Our reports provide detailed insight regarding soft tissue and muscle damage.





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