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Every business has its own unique value statement and the way they bring their products and services to the market place.  With that in mind, Barnett & Associates, LLC develops Strategic Business Solutions that best fit each business with its own distinctive set of needs and objectives.

Current clients are:

ProHawk real time video enhancement




ProHawk™ – a new standard in real-time video enhancement!

See what you’re missing…

Our patented products minimize the effects of severe climatic conditions, unfavorable lighting and other environmental difficulties.

The ProHawk™ solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video, high definition video, infrared, thermal and even medical images.


in office testing




In office testing for Physicians – we offer allergy & asthma testing and diagnostic testing that allows our physicians the tools to clearly determine the exact cause and severity of discomfort, pain, and any nerve damage that may be present.  



ADARᴵᵀ – is a flexible cloud computing technology business. It can easily work within your current IT support situation and offer cloud based solutions that will meet the demands of your business.                  



Pharmacogenomics Testing – is a revolutionary way of using your genetic makeup to help predict the medications that will work best for you. 



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