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Schalke 04
Schalke 04 plays in the German Bundesliga in the top 5 and thus at the highest level. This is why the sporting partners of the association are selected with the utmost care and only after intensive examination. BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy has passed this selection procedure and has subsequently been integrated into the medical treatment concept of the Schalke 04 physicians and therapists. A partnership, which has now also been expanded and further intensified at other levels.


Boris Becker
Boris Becker – “My long career as a tennis pro has affected my body very deeply. I feel the enormous physical stress and the many injuries I had suffered all the more today. A fate to which any top athlete can probably relate. Since I started using the BEMER system, I feel a significant relief of my symptoms and my general well-being has substantially improved. “
Boris Becker won 49 tournaments in singles and 15 in doubles.
He was victorious in six Grand Slam, including three times most important tournament in the world: Wimbledon. He headed the world ranking for twelve weeks and remains the youngest Wimbledon champion in the history of the tournament.
Boris Becker is an exceptional athlete, a legend of tennis, an appealing brand and role model.


Tina Weirather
Tina Weirather – “I have been using BEMER for quite some time and am convinced that the treatment has greatly relieved the injuries I sustained during the last few years. I often have back pain and bruises – especially very painful and protracted bruising caused by my ski shoes. I use BEMER to alleviate this and notice that my injuries heal considerably more quickly with BEMER than without it. I have been pleasantly surprised many times to find that I can regenerate far more quickly with BEMER after tough training sessions, making it possible for me to train more intensively.”


Marc Girardelli
Marc Girardelli – “BEMER had me convinced from the very first moment. Better endurance and decreased risk of injury are deciding factors in professional sports. Victory, or forgettable runner-up status; these decide who writes history and who has to take their place among the masses.
Those who know me know where I’m coming from. On the strength of my conviction, I’ve decided to broaden my focus and share my experiences of BEMER with my fellow athletes. BEMER has become indispensable. Whether in elite sports. Or in my personal life.”


Günter Traub
Günter Traub – Günter Traub is a graduate sports teacher and former top athlete. He has set 15 world records and won 4 world champion’s titles in speed skating and roller skate racing. Today he is a fitness expert and pioneer in the area of alpine mobility training. At the age of 75, he is taking up high-performance sports again. Big names and VIPs have profited from Günter Traub’s knowledge, such as world champion Michael Schumacher, Spanish King Juan Carlos, the artist Nikki de St. Phalle and the publisher Hubert Burda.


SCOTT ODLO MTB Team – “The BEMER is a loyal companion of Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel – at home, in the training camp or during World Cup races all over the globe. It is a regeneration method that has become truly indispensable in high-performance sports.” ((www.scott-odlo.com/team/)[http://www.scott-odlo.com/team/])
Image: Nino Schurter, World Cup Champion 2011
Thomas Frischknecht //
Team Manager SCOTT-ODLO MTB Team
Other riders: Florian Vogel, Marcel Wildhaber
SCOTT11 – “Scott11 always carries two BEMERs. They are used all the time for regeneration after strenuous trainings on the track or to support the treatment of injuries.” (Gstaad-Scott Racing Team)[http://gstaad-scott.com], Emilie Siegenthaler // Floriane Pugin
LC Brühl
LC Brühl – “Whether it is for the treatment of minor injuries or faster regeneration after exhausting games or training sessions, throughout the past years, BEMER has always supported us to quickly regain the level of fitness we needed for mastering the challenges.” (www.lcbruehl.ch)
Our Success //
28 times Swiss Champion, 7 times Cup Winner



Thomas Frischknecht
Thomas Frischknecht – “The risk of injury is particularly high in my sport. I can significantly lower this risk through excellent medical assistance and regular BEMER applications.”
My successes:
World Champion // 1996
Olympic silver medal // 1996
Vice World Champion // 1990, 1991, 1992, 2001
World champion mountain bike marathon // 2003, 2005
// World Cup winner in 1992, 1993, 1995
European Champion 1993
12-time Swiss champions
Reto Hollenstein
Reto Hollenstein – “The BEMER applications help me regenerate much faster and better after trainings and competitions. Because of that, I have a higher performance capacity. The new Sleep Program gives me a jump-start into the day and also allows me to regenerate even better. I can barely imagine a day without BEMER now.” (www.retohollenstein.ch)


Patrick Gallati
Patrick Gallati – “With BEMER I have my Asthma under control and feel a lot better.“ (www.patrikgallati.ch)
My Success:
3. World Championship // 2010 (U23)
3. European Championship // 2010 (U23)
3. Swiss Championship // 2008 (U23)


Christoph Sauser
Christoph Sauser – “Sleeping on the mat is easy, and I think I recover really well during my sleep. I rarely experience days of low energy, even when I race a lot and train hard.“ (www.sauserwind.com)
My Success:
World Champion // 2008
World Champion // 2004, 2005
Vice World Champion // 2005, 2006
Vice World Cup Winner // 2002, 2003, 2008
3. World Championship // 2001
Bronze Medalist Olympic Games Sydney 2000 // 2000


Reinhard Divis
Reinhard Divis – “About 4 years ago I had really strong back pain. Then I discovered BEMER. Ever since I use it every day.”
My Success:
1994-98 Austrian Champion with VEU Feldkirch
1998 Winner of the European Hockey League with VEU Feldkirch
2007 Austrian Champion with the EC Red Bull Salzburg
2008 Austrian Champion with the EC Red Bull Salzburg
2009 Swedisch Champion with Farjestade BK
2010 Winner of the IIHF Continental Cup with the EC Red Bull Salzburg
2010 + 2011 Austrian Champion with the EC Red Bull Salzburg


Daniela Meuli
Daniela Meuli – “To be a winner in snowboarding you have to give 100%. BEMER not only helps me optimize my training, but also supports me during the necessary regeneration-phases“ (www.daniela-meuli.ch)
My Success::
Olympic Winner // 2006
World Cup Winner // 2005/06
World Champion // 2005


Celeste Yarnall - Celeste Y., PhD
Celeste Yarnall – Celeste Y., PhD
“One year ago I purchased my BEMER Professional device and at that time I had been suffering for about 6 months and was being treated for a completely frozen left shoulder, with intensive chiropractic and Korean Hung protocol acupuncture. Nothing would get my left arm and shoulder moving again and I was very unhappy about that. I discontinued these treatments as I wasn’t getting any relief and proceeded only with BEMER along with good nutrition and my favorite neutraceutical supplements.
Without having any expectations as to BEMER treating a specific disease or condition, just knowing that it would be good for my overall microcirculatory system, I proceeded with the basic plan and moved into the sleep system as directed. One morning at about month four of consistent BEMER use, I woke up and without even thinking about what I was doing, stretched both arms up over my head and yawned. I suddenly realized my left shoulder was completely healed. Was it a miracle…not at all…it was just the amazing BEMER device doing exactly as it says it will do…help the body to heal itself. I can honestly say that that condition is gone and I am back to full mobility and pain free.
I am 100% devoted to my “Prime Directive” of daily and nightly BEMER use and also committed to sharing BEMER globally . I believe that this is how we can all, as we said on Star Trek, Live Long and prosper!”


Rudolf Schenker
Rudolf Schenker
– “Since I’ve been using BEMER I feel stronger, have much more vitality and a completely new awareness of my body – as though my body and mind have become one.” Rudolf Schenker,
“The Scorpions”.


Attila Pataky
Attila Pataky – Attila Pataky has been the front man of the famous Hungarian band, EDDA MÜVEK, for nearly 30 years. Besides his passion for music, he has a second secret to his success: BEMER!
With BEMER, not only is he fitter and more motivated on the stage, but he also reduces his recovery time following strenuous performances. So that he is able to give brilliant performances to his fans for a long time.


BEMER Multiple Sclerosis
“At first I wasn’t able to walk stable any more, a little later I began tripping and falling unusually often. An MRI revealed the diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My doctor sat with me and asked me: “Have you ever heard of Multiple Sclerosis?” No, I hadn’t. But I was afraid of what was lying ahead of me. Now we knew what disease I had, but I wondered: What’s the next step?”
“Now I can even climb stairs again!”, Bernd D.


“At the age of 4 he developed severe headaches. In addition, he was bleeding from his nose every day. After countless visits to the doctors at the children’s hospital, no cause for his condition could be found.” Anita W. (Mother) “Today I play soccer again instead of sitting in the waiting room.”, Damian W.


BEMER athlete
“During all my time as an active athlete I managed to remain injury-free. The BEMER technology has been my companion for over 10 years now, with daily applications.“, Kurt M.



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