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The bad news is that there is simply no controlling it – poor weather is going to happen. Some locations are worse than others, and often acceptable visibility seems impossible to obtain.


Maybe the fog is as thick as soup, or the rain comes down in sheets. Maybe the dust cloud is dense and impenetrable. Whatever the case, no matter how you try, you cannot seem to find a solution.

Fortunately there is an answer. ClearView HD corrects all images captured under unfavorable climatic and lighting conditions. The patented technology uses an advanced algorithm that takes advantage of the full available dynamic range of the image signal. By accounting for surrounding image information, it is able to enhance both surface and edge detail.

Put simply, it removes the inclement weather, enabling you to see those important images you would otherwise miss.

Bad weather with ClearView HD

ClearView HD with fog snow

ClearViewHD with snow rain

ClearView HD with fog



Prove it to yourself. Take The ClearView HD Challenge!

We know…we get it…it’s hard to believe that one little system does so much, so easily. So to prove it to you, we invite you to take the ClearView HD Challenge. Simply upload your own video or still images, and let ClearView HD do the rest.
  • Must be a RAW Non-Compressed image or video!

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