Chronic Care Management


Chronic Care Management


HCPCS Code G0506

Comprehensive assessment of and care planning for patients requiring chronic care management services

(list separately in addition to primary monthly care management service)

Medicare began paying providers on average $43 per patient per month for delivering at

least 20 minutes of non face-to-face Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to patients with 2 or more chronic conditions.

We offer a simple turnkey solution that allows providers to meet the requirements to bill for the CCM code.

Clinically Proven Solution – Our unique offering is designed to deliver enhanced outcomes to your patients and their caregivers. 

Our pro-active care has delivered enormous results including 26% reduction in A1C levels in Diabetes patients and reduced unplanned admissions.

Superior Enrollment – We use proven methodology to streamline and maximize patient enrollment to your CCM program.

Enhanced Engagement – We provide the state-of-the art capabilities and support systems to amplify the

patient engagement to levels unseen in any patient portal technologies to date.

We have higher than 50% of patients who login to self-report their health data.



Chronic Care Management

Clinically Proven Solution
We provide a clinically validated CCM solution with proven levels of patient engagement and superior outcome data.

New Revenue Opportunity
Providing a new revenue opportunity for your practice while providing the best individualized care services for your patients

No upfront cost, no change in provider workflow, no new software to learn, integrates with your existing EMR.





       What We Provide 

  • Patient enrollment
  • Provide minimum 20 min. non face to face time
  • Professional medical assistants available 24×7
  • Appt., medication, exercise, nutrition reminders
  • Easy to use web and mobile tools
  • Auditable reports required by Medicare

       Driving Practice Profitability

  • No upfront cost
  • $43 / enrolled patient/month on avg.
  • Automated Medicare billing reports
  • No change in provider workflow
  • Integrates with your EMR
Our Difference
  • Dedicated care managers
  • CMS Audit Guarantees
Up to date Care Plans
  • Shared with all of the patients providers
Security and Compliance
  • HIPAA compliant software
  • 256 bit encryption


Rapid Patient Onboarding

  • Identify and enroll eligible beneficiaries  – superior patient engagement



Connected Care Teams

  1. Enables shared decision making based on care plan adherence.
  2. Streamlined access to every care team member to enable transparent and proactive care delivery.
  3. Communication to and between care teams around care plan adherence.
  4. Risk stratification based on care plan adherence.


Enhanced Patient Retention

  1. Boost your patient satisfaction levels to new highs by extending your reach through our services.
  2. Solidify new healthy habits with our digital engagement, coaching and activity tracker(s) and measure your patients’ progress over time
  3. We empower your patients’ with meaningful information including test results and personalized recommendations to track and sustain disease management.
  4. Knowledge is powerful medicine. We allow your patients to see their progress over time, giving you the insight you need to make big, small or no changes to attain best possible outcomes

Driving Practice Productivity

  1. Electronic Exchange of clinical summaries
  2. Deliver an easy-to-use technology and experience for both patients and providers
  3. No changes to current workflow
  4. Manage referrals with new efficiencies and guaranteed patient affinity


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Enroll your patients with the only Chronic Care Management solution that seamlessly connects providers and patients!

Improved Patient Satisfaction = Enhanced Revenues.

We have a turnkey solution for providers to meet the requirements of Medicare’s 2015 chronic care management program.



We Deliver Turn-key Transitional Care  

Management Services!

About Transitional Care Management (TCM)

Transitional care management (TCM) codes, introduced in CPT® 2013, allow providers to receive reimbursement for their efforts and the efforts of their staff to promote successful outcomes for patients transitioning from a facility setting (e.g., inpatient hospital, nursing facility) to a community setting (e.g., home, assisted living facility).

When you compare TCM payment rates to the new and established patient E/M codes, you will see they are significantly higher (The CMS national payment amount for 99495—TCM of moderate complexity —is $163.99, and for 99496—high complexity TCM—is $231.36.). The additional reimbursement compensates for non-face-to-face activities (e.g., communication with home health agencies) performed by the provider and/or clinical staff under the direction of the provider.










CCM & TCM Services

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