ProHawk Real-Time Video Enhancement



ProHawk™ – a new standard in real-time video enhancement!

ProHawk is an adaptive, real-time, video enhancement

and analysis technology

that provides clarity for enhanced decision making.

We are not a camera or analytics,

we just make them both work better!

ProHawk utilizes powerful processors and sophisticated software algorithms to enhance video images captured under challenging conditions – in real-time.

See what you’re missing…

Our patented products minimize the effects of severe climatic conditions, unfavorable lighting

and other environmental difficulties.

The ProHawk™ solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video,

high definition video, infrared, thermal

and even medical images.


The ProHawk solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video,

infrared, thermal and even medical images.

Support for various video cameras from SD to HD resolution is available via a SDI connection.

(Infrared camera and high or wide dynamic range camera

are also supported.)

Easy Control

ProHawk is simple to operate with automatic

calibration and operation.

The level of detail enhancement and color enhancement can also be changed easily by the operator

requiring minimal training.

Plug & Play

ProHawk solutions are plug and play, meaning they can be quickly and simply integrated into existing camera and imaging systems.

No need to set any parameters. Just connect the equipment between the camera and monitor/recorder.


Real Time Video Enhancement

 Our advanced, patent protected technology works by analyzing and reconstructing every frame of a video stream, pixel by pixel, all in real time.

 It also enhances pre-recorded video.

Game Changing Technology

The ProHawk™ products contain context sensitive, adaptive algorithms and processes that are tightly integrated into our hardware platforms.

This game changing technology delivers maximum actionable detail to the video system user.



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See videos of ProHawk™ in action on pages below or tab on top bar


 Environmental Conditions


Low Light / Poor Light      Back Light / Glare     Adverse Weather     Underwater    Medical Imaging



Many industries rely upon high quality real-time video images for their

security, surveillance, staff and customer safety and operational efficiency.

It is vitally important for these organizations to be able to monitor the best possible video images in real-time.


Security & SurveillanceTransportation & Traffic Management   Critical National   Infrastructure Maritime & Sub-Sea

Medical Imaging





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Available Globally

 Available Globally
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