Industry Applications




Industry Applications

Continuous vigilance is of paramount importance

for a number of different industries,

be it for safety monitoring, maintenance, survey or inspection.


You can be sure that no matter the environment,

lighting or weather ProHawk will provide the best

video image enhancement from existing camera installations,

allowing you to see what you’re missing.


Many industries rely upon high

quality real-time video images for their security,

surveillance, staff and customer safety and operational efficiency. 


It is vitally important for these organizations to be able to monitor the best possible video images in real time.


prohawk industrial


ProHawk knows that these businesses

need a “Plug and Play” solution

designed to fit into existing equipment racks

in their control rooms.


We also know that it is essential that the solution requires

minimal operator intervention and provides the

highest quality real-time enhanced video.


ProHawk™ video enhancement delivers the best solution

to multiple industry sectors, with several industry specific solutions under development.


See what you’re missing….


Call us today for more information and to request a demonstration!


Environmental Conditions


Low Light / Poor Light      Back Light / Glare     Adverse Weather     Underwater


 Industry Applications


Security & Surveillance  Transportation & Traffic Management  Critical National Infrastructure  Maritime & Sub-Sea

Medical Imaging


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