Transportation and Traffic Management




Transportation and Traffic Management

Come rain or shine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year people are always on the move be it by plane, train, boat or car.

When conditions start to affect monitoring capabilities, efficiency and more importantly safety can be impacted, ProHawk helps to mitigate these issues.

High quality, safe and efficient transportation systems are vital to the national economy. 

CCTV has become the primary method of ensuring free-flowing highways and interchanges. 

Major international airports and train stations are now monitored not only to ensure efficient operation, but also for safety and homeland security.

ProHawk™ video enhancement system delivers the clearest of images to the operators, in real time, regardless of time of the day or the weather conditions.

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Environmental Conditions


Low Light / Poor Light      Back Light / Glare     Adverse Weather     Underwater


 Industry Applications


 Security & Surveillance     Transportation & Traffic Management     Critical National Infrastructure     Maritime & Sub-Sea

Medical Imaging


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