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We offer only the highest quality Annual Wellness Visit Software based on Medicare criteria.

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Clinically Proven Solution
We provide a clinically validated  AWV solution with proven levels of patient engagement and superior outcome data. 

New Revenue Opportunity
Providing a new revenue opportunity for your practice while providing the best individualized care services for your patients.
No change in provider workflow, integrates with your existing EMR.
We are  a company dedicated to providing quality wellness program solutions to healthcare providers and organizations throughout the country.
Our company focuses on patient wellness related to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial populations. 
Our unique, approved patient assessment software provides physicians and
organizations with a comprehensive baseline report detailing modifiable risk factors, preventative goals and measurable data. 
Our information allows accountable care organizations to target patient care while reducing total healthcare costs.
Our software works with your organization to offer your Medicare patient’s access to their Annual Wellness Visits year after year.
We provide a full service wellness solution,  screening and documentation
that allows you to provide wellness visits for all your Medicare patients easily and seamlessly. 
The Annual Wellness Visit is a catalyst for a physician to grow their business with
substantial revenue without having to change their current day-to-day operations.
Our full-service solution generates the Medicare required Risk Factors Report to the physician,
the 5-Year Plan Report the Personal Health Advise Report (Personalized Prevention Plan)
that is provided to the patient and our customizable clinical trigger software
(provides the physician critical information based on the patients risk factors)
for additional services that may be performed during and after the AWV.


and documentation powered by a proprietary evidence-based risk stratification engine.

Annual Wellness Visit Software enables you to perform Annual Wellness Visits for your
Medicare patients with no change in physician workflow and no administrative burden for your practice.
 The Annual Wellness Visit Software program provides valuable data for outcomes and
clinical measurements while at the same time generating significant revenue for your organization.
If you’re an Accountable Care Organization
Annual Wellness Visit Software generates additional revenue for you and your physicians
from your existing patient base while significantly decreasing the backend expense of hospital care, SNF, ancillary services and costly add-ons.
Annual Wellness Visit Software captures critical clinical information for your Medicare patients and gives you valuable data each year.
And our Annual Wellness Visit Software helps you comply with CMS’s 33 required measures.
We also cause your Medicare Attribution to increase resulting in a proportionate increase in shared savings.
If you’re a Hospital System
You’ll benefit from increased revenues from ancillary testing and referrals as a result of Annual Wellness Visits.
You’ll also receive valuable data that will help with your Clinical Indicator measurements.
We also help reduce re-admissions by having physicians in your hospital manage risk factors more efficiently.
Rural Health Clinics (RHCs)
We recognize the challenges of RHCs.  In response, we have put together a special package
for RHCs that addresses the restrictions under which RHCs must operate.
Our RHC package allows you to perform the Annual Wellness Visits on all
your Medicare patients and with our innovative approach to revenue, still generate plenty of profitability.
The added bonus for RHCs is that the data that you will receive from our Annual Wellness Visit Software
is invaluable toward monitoring your clinic’s performance and will give you
keen insight on where your clinical decisions are having the most impact.
If you have a Rural Health Clinic, call us today and let us show you how we can help transform your clinic,
generate significant new revenue and provide excellent care for your patients.
If you’re a Medicare Advantage Plan
Annual Wellness Visit Software can help you increase your HCC Risk Adjustment Factor scores (RAF Scores)
significantly using prospective healthcare techniques rather than retrospective techniques.
If you’re a Medical Practice
Annual Wellness Visit Software significantly increases your revenue while you take better care of your patients.
Your nurse (or ours) will perform the Annual Wellness Visit Software visits under your supervision
and you’ll continue the patient care based upon our Medicare-approved reports.
You’ll have solid documentation for each wellness visit that will comply with Medicare requirements.
 To check the reimbursement rates in your area, click here. 


Why choose our Annual Wellness Visit Software

Annual Wellness Visit Software annual wellness program provides you with a turnkey
system to enable you to provide the Medicare “Annual Wellness Visit” to all your Medicare patients.
Any licensed medical professional from your office or contracted by you is allowed to perform the Annual Wellness Visit. 
Annual Wellness Visit Software provides all software and reports that enable you to stay in compliance with CMS’s requirements. 
Annual Wellness Visit Software visits are billed under your current billing system.
Medicare (CMS) has made higher quality healthcare possible with the introduction of the “Annual Wellness Visit.”
You are now able to provide these visits to your Medicare patients every year under the new CMS guidelines.
Reality Check: However, you may have over 1,000 Medicare patients! 
Adding this new burden to your already stretched schedule is very difficult for most physicians. 
Additionally, CMS’s guidelines for the Annual Wellness Visit are very exact and must be followed carefully.
Annual Wellness Visit Software to the rescue! 
The Annual Wellness Visit Software program helps you see your Medicare patients for the Annual Wellness Visit each and every year. 
Your patients will get the benefit of a higher level of healthcare. 
You will be able to enhance your practice with more Medicare visits and follow-up care resulting from the AWVs.
Our AWV software is used to accurately capture all required data for the Annual Wellness Visit
and produces a comprehensive report on every patient that you get immediately that allows you to
provide follow-up care if you deem it necessary and/or appropriate for your patients.  Annual Wellness Visit Software sends data to your EHR!
We help physicians organizations predict risk by helping physicians complete the
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV’s) for their Medicare patients.
The risk predictions we generate will help physician organizations reduce their expense considerably.
We accomplish this by:
  • Gathering preliminary clinical data from the patients
  • Ensuring that the patients are reminded of their appointments
  • Providing a nurse, CMA, or technician to complete the AWV in the exam room
  • Quality controlling the data
  • Producing the Medicare-approved report for the patient’s chart
  • Sending the reports and the data back to the practice for their EMR
  • Giving physicians and care coordinators access to the risk predication score, HCC RAF Scores and trending outcomes data
  • Repeating this process every year. 

 Benefits to the Physician:

  •  Improve quality of care for Medicare patients. Excellent preventative medical care which actually reduces Medicare expenditures. 
  • The Annual Wellness Visit is the first health screening program ever implemented by Medicare.
  •  Generates additional revenue for the physician’s practice. 
  • When you take into account the revenue you can generate from the follow up care based upon
  • risk factors that equates to an average of over $500 per Medicare patient in additional revenue.
  • If your practice has over 250 Medicare patients that would generate over $125,000 of extra revenue for your practice.  
  •  The Annual Wellness Visit is approved and supported by Medicare;
  • however, due to the complex level of documentation required by Medicare most
  • physicians cannot take advantage of this excellent program.  
  • Annual Wellness Visit Software makes this possible by creating standardized patient
  • reports for every visit that have been vetted and approved by Medicare.  
  •  No upfront costs or time required by the practice.
  • No additional work by the physician or practice to implement the Annual Wellness Visit Software program.
  • This visit can be performed by any mid-level under your supervision.
  • We contact and schedule your patients. 
  •  The practice bills Medicare.
  •  Annual Wellness Visit Software visits encourage Medicare patients to continue
  • to routinely see their physician for follow-up care and treatment. 
  • Also helps keeps patients out of the hospital and long term care facilities. 
  •  Reimbursement rate varies by state.
  • The average reimbursement is $175 dollars per patient for the Annual Wellness Visit.

Clinical Resources

 Below you will find materials to help your practice understand the
Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), incorporate it into your work flow, and tools you can
use with your patients to support them in achieving their wellness goals.
For information about the CMS required elements of the first AWV and subsequent visits, click here.

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