Improve HEDIS scores, STAR rating


Increase Revenue for Work You’ve Already Done!

Powerful. Innovative. Flexible.

Our cutting edge software is a Powerful and Proven solution that helps
Accountable Care Organizations (ACO),
Independent Physician Associations (IPA)
Managed Service Organizations (MSO)
and managed care plans
to ensure standards of care, track patient population & improve
health outcomes and increase revenues by enhancing bonuses for quality of care.


We deliver population health management solutions, helping insurance plans, IPA’s, ACO’s, MSO’s
deliver value-based-care, while improving clinical and financial outcomes.


“our software manages the business of medicine,

allowing the physician to concentrate on the practice of medicine”


Our services combine cutting edge analytics

with customizable tools, making it the gold standard among the

innumerable choices of population health management solutions.



No upfront costs for IPA / ACO / MSO
Integrates data from ANY Electronic Health Records,

Claims, Payments to provide a 360-degree view on Patients.

Improves standard of care

Increases Physician / IPA / ACO / MSO Revenue

Benchmark Productivity and clinical outcomes, monitor adherence to quality measures

Fully HIPPA Compliant



Stratify and identify patients at risk for disease

Budget costs based on individual risk rating

Monitor and Report on Population health


Improve HEDIS scores, STAR rating

and accuracy of HCC coding by maintaining population’s health.


We understand that the life cycle of our service will require dedication, time, and resources.


By choosing to partner with us, you choose to trust in our ability

to assist in turning your challenges into opportunities.


Operational Services


From small practices to the large multisite establishments, our hosting environments

are robust and scalable that have been “stress-tested”.


Fully HIPAA compliant, our service uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep your data secure.

No upfront cost for IPA, ACO, MSO



We charge clients a per patient, per month fee plus percent of paid bonuses.

It incentivizes us to provide as many tools to help the IPA/ACO/MSO run more efficiently;

for when you succeed, we succeed.


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