Medicine Reconciliation

Nurse and patient with medication reconciliation

Medicine Reconciliation for Providers

“Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a  far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medication treatments.”
– World Health Organization

 Physicians have had limited tools to address compliance, adherence, medication levels, and the ability to make medication adjustments.
Current pharmaceutical compliance and adherence programs create gaps between what is known, unknown or assumed.


Historically, the industry can verify with certainty:

A prescription was written for a patient, along
The prescription was filled and received by the patient


What remains unknown is:

Has the patient actually taken the medication?
Has the patient taken the medication as prescribed?
Is the patient taking other medications (prescribed or over-the-counter)? If so, which ones?
What other medications is the patient taking that may create drug interactions?
Are the prescribed medications within the intended range for the patient in order to provide the intended clinical value?


Medicine Reconciliation Patient Medication Profile

Our Labs Solution

Our labs clinical technology solution provides healthcare professionals with the precise detection and intended value of medications in patients.
Through our breakthrough Patient Medication Profile analytics, healthcare professionals finally have access to timely clinical data that:
– Indicates if patients are adhering to medication therapy plans
– Illustrates whether drugs are within reference range; are providing intended clinical value; and identifies if there are any drug interactions
– Informs care teams so that effective treatment plan adjustments can be made to attain optimal medical outcomes
– Improves medication accordance by matching the patient’s EHR with the medications in blood
– Identifies novel smart data associations, creating optimized treatment regimens using prospective modeling
We fill in the gaps left unknown with current medication therapy management programs, and we do it with little to no workflow disruption.


Medicine Reconciliation using a patient blood sample and our laboratory’s technology:

– Accurately identifies approximately 90% of written prescriptions, each drug has a unique “fingerprint,” which can accurately quantify
– Identifies over-the-counter medications that impact prescribed medications and patient safety
– Provides report of medications in patients with respect to:
– Reference range
– Drug interactions
– The unique nature of each patient, genuinely personalizing medicine


We deliver maximum value with minimal impact on a care team’s workflow.

 Delivers precise, timely, and actionable clinical data allowing healthcare professionals to:
 – Improve Quality (STAR ratings); physician/patient communication
– “Right size” pharmaceutical therapy and impact Quality metrics
– Improve decision making around drug formulary usage and disease management
– Enhance patient satisfaction
– Impact cost management