Low Light

Low Light and Poor Light

ProHawk provides real-time video enhancement technology that provides

unparalleled clarity in compromised video due to adverse lighting, poor weather,

airborne particulate matter, and challenging environmental conditions.

ProHawk unlocks the highest quality real-time video enhancements with ultra-low latency

enabling users and machine/computer vision systems to analyze and act on optimized video.


Adverse Lighting

Adverse Lighting
Adverse Lighting

Adverse Lighting caused by Night, Low Light, Back light and extreme contrast like Sun Glare, Headlights and Infrared Imaging are challenging environments that distress the quality of video.

These conditions significantly impact the image quality taken by all camera systems, rendering them ineffective and incapable to deliver meaningful and actionable video.






Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather
Extreme Weather




Extreme Weather conditions impact the visibility of all camera systems.

The image quality from cameras operated outdoors can be severely compromised by the effects of severe rain, snow, dense fog, mist or haze removing any chance of capturing actionable data.




Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter
Particulate Matter




Smoke, smog, ash, and soot are all forms of atmospheric particulate matter

that are based on size and often divided into 5 categories:

Suspended Particulate Matter, Coarse Particles, Fine Particles, Ultrafine Particles, and Soot.




Challenging Environments

Environment Conditions
Environmental Conditions








Environmental Conditions in the environment can also negatively

impact the quality of the imagery delivered by the camera.

Representative challenges in this area include the impact of sandstorms,

dirt and dust, all of which degrade visibility and the camera’s ability to capture quality video.



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