Industry Applications

 Industry Applications

Industries are committing significant additional resources to Security & Surveillance.

Industrial and commercial organizations all use advanced video analytics for security to improve operational efficiency.

Low light can render camera surveillance and CCTV useless.

ProHawk is used with existing cameras enabling operators to see no matter the condition.

prohawk industrial

ProHawk provides real-time video enhancement technology that provides unparalleled clarity in compromised video due to adverse lighting, extreme weather, airborne particulate matter, and challenging environmental conditions.

ProHawk unlocks the highest quality enhancements with ultra-low latency, enabling users to analyze optimized, actionable video in real-time.

The most critical characteristic in a real-time video enhancement solution is the latency of the system.

This is the time delay between a video frame entering the system, video enhancement(s) being applied to the video frame, and receiving the enhanced video frame.

Since real-time video monitoring requires human observation, perceptible latency has a strong effect on user satisfaction and usability of the system.

This requirement demonstrates the distinct advantage that ProHawk solutions provide over competitive offerings with a latency of less than 20 µs. This enables industrial applications such as infrastructure monitoring, factory automation, & retail operations automation.

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Environmental Conditions

Low Light / Poor Light      Back Light / Glare     Adverse Weather     Underwater

 Industry Applications

Security & Surveillance  Transportation & Traffic Management  Critical National Infrastructure  Maritime & Sub-Sea

Medical Imaging

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